Oooh the teenage years~ they sometimes get such a bad rap! And yet it is a time of so much discovery~ some of it wonderful, some of it painful, but all of it molding and shaping your son or daughter as they approach adulthood.  Oftentimes the only pictures we feel are important to capture of this season in their lives are their "senior" pictures; we overlook the sometimes "awkward" and self-conscious early teen years and forget that braces and attitude spunk are a part of who they are and something to be remembered as they are changing and becoming. No more! We'll honor those years and marvel at the changes taking place, the good, the bad and the braces! These can be tough years~ let's let your teen shine! Each session will be as one of a kind as they are;  seeing themselves as they truly are and not as the world sees them is a huge confidence booster too! Nothing makes me happier than when someone looks at their images and gets "that smile" that says "wow~ I really am pretty! or awesome! or….*insert nice word of choice here*" ~when they can see the essence of who they are captured  in an image~ Priceless. (And if we get a gasp or a sniffle from mom and dad? I know I've done my job well:)  )