Diana and Ellie

These two love each other an awful lot (although, I believe that goes without saying in the face of these images:))  If every child was as treasured as this little girl is, the world would be a very different, very beautiful place. This session was out of town, very impromptu, very hot (I believe it hit 100 that day) and very, very fun! I so wish we’d had more time~ more pictures, more talking….I’ll look forward to next time, Diana!  I felt very blessed being able to spend time with you both.

Incredibly, stunningly beautiful~ inside and out!

goodness. gracious. those eyes! such a beautiful soul. “O thou, whose exterior semblance doth belie thy soul’s immensity!”

light reflecting off the water….the camera likes Diana:)

we tried so hard to get a few shots of *just* Diana but….;)

be still my heart.

looking at her baby girl…..

time to go home! And after Ellie got her snack, she headed right out for the kitty bed on the porch~ perfect place to eat some cheerios on a hot day:)

this one just cracks me up~ she was SO done with the paparazzi! Can’t a girl eat her snack in peace?


home, sweet home