(all sessions include travel up to 20 miles, pre-session consultation and wardrobe planning,  time and talent, professional editing and your own online proofing gallery. High resolution CD's of your images are available. Please see "why professional printing?" under the Q & A tab for more information. Gift certificates are available. Travel outside of Idaho to Northern Utah is also possible when the weather is nice~ just give me a call!)

Childhood is that precious time of life full of innocence, fairy tales, dirt hills and super heroes~ and it flies all too quickly. It is the season when everything is an adventure, imagination rules and possibilities emerge. What do we remember most about our own childhoods? The days we got dressed up and got our pictures taken or the days spent searching for grasshoppers and ladybugs in the grass, bedtime stories, spending time with mom in the kitchen or dad out in the shop? Time with grandma and grandpa doing all those special things that only get done at grandma and grandpa's house, playing with our friends, that trip to the zoo? It's those little every day moments that bring back those nostalgic feelings, images, smells~ it's the rooms we played in and the trees we climbed and the warmth of our parent's love. Those are the images I want to capture for you~ so that when you look at your pictures you don't see your children all dressed up sitting on a bench, but playing and just being who they are~ pictures that bring to mind the feel of their candy-sticky hand in yours, the smell of sun and breezes in their hair and that special look in their eye that tells you how much they love you.  We always think we'll never forget these moments, yet before we know it, they've changed, and new moments take their place and the old fade to the back of our minds. With beautiful images that honor who they are you can recall all those little things you love most about your child years down the road. I aim for genuine expressions, not forced smiles! There is no saying "cheese" on my watch;)







"There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,

The earth, and every common sight,

To me did seem

Apparell'd in celestial light,

The glory and freshness of a dream….." ~ William Wordsworth